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Social innovation
diploma project
Cost-effective prosthesis for breast cancer survivors
The aim was to design low-cost prostheses for breast cancer survivors. Breast prostheses are artificial breast forms that women can start wearing after a mastectomy. Apart from helping the survivor regain confidence and self-esteem, weighted breast prostheses aid posture and prevent other physiological issues due to imbalance in body symmetry.

Following research to understand the scenario of breast cancer rehabilitation and areas for design intervention, one set about creating product-level solutions as immediate deliverables, and possible service scenarios that could be explored later.

The idea was to not only make the prosthesis more affordable, but to eliminate the need for added expenses of buying a mastectomy bra. Hence, one developed a low-cost prosthesis made from gel-wax, a safe, reusable material which mimics many tactile properties of silicone at much less cost, and a soft, washable mastectomy pouch which holds the prosthesis and can be worn securely with any bra.

class room project
Menstrual awareness and waste management

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