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Concept rejuvenation
Outdoor activity
Improving experience
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DUEL A New-Age Cycling Experience for Tweens
DUEL is a cycle for “tweens” (kids aged about 8-13 years), aimed at rejuvenating the conventional concept of cycling. In essence, it aims at the idea of improving the user experience of a bicycle and changing the perception of cycling as a boring activity.

The project started with building a complete vocabulary about the target users including their behavior, likes and dislikes, emotions, desires and needs. Major trends in the gaming industry and child preferences were taken into consideration before proposing the final concept. On the technology front, 3-D printing was studied in detail. Factors like feasibility for adoption and practicality for mass manufacture, using this technology, were the key points considered.

DUEL is an example of how the upcoming technological and interaction trends change the way an object is perceived and create a demand to amend these, in order to survive.

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