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Fun elements
Childhood obesity
diploma project
Indoor Game For Improving Physical Activities in children
Due to diminishing of playgrounds and the rise of computer games, childhood obesity and being overweight and are serious public health challenges in today’s world. The brief focused on the development of an indoor game for children for improving their physical activities.

An exploratory approach in terms of concept generation and technology was adopted. After every concept iteration, its feasibility was cross-checked using locally available materials. From start to end, techniques, like collection of products, materials, day-to-day objects and putting them together to make fun elements were followed.

Quick prototypes were made. A few rough ones were tested and experimented by playing with the children and observing their behavior. Three prototypes were further developed for user testing. By reflecting on certain parameters, one concept was narrowed down on and developed. All through marketability, packaging and pricing of the final developed product were kept in mind.

class room project
Spraydo: a fertiliser spreading machine

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