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Societal pressure
Personal dilemma
diploma project
The Square in the Circle
The twenty-two minute film, ‘The Square in the Circle,’ is based on my own life experiences. It is about a self-employed, middle-class chap and a series of unexpected events that befall him and make him realise the value of relationships. Arjun, 25, stays with his widowed mother. He is smart and intelligent, but has been always half-hearted about jobs and hence, keeps failing interviews. Under the pressure of the society around him, he feels stuck, helpless and confused; nagged by relatives, questioned by his girlfriend. What is his future? The dilemma of choosing between the path set for him by others and his own dreams, full of uncertainty, is getting to him. This in turn makes him arrogant, irresponsible and anxious. However, he has to learn to be patient, practical and most importantly, responsible.

class room project

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