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Art & culture
diploma project
Objective: The film is an attempt to capture the intent, technique and significance of Tibetan art through the lens of Norbulingka Institute dedicated towards its preservation. The people, though exiled in India, have been able to retain and pass on the wealth of their knowledge through an innovative functioning program. The institute ensures a secure livelihood along with providing a conducive environment for practicing this multifaceted art. The objective was to tell a cohesive story, whilst balancing the techniques, meanings, and personal interviews.

Process: The approach was organic and included self and cultural discovery, and research. One had to work with a predominantly introverted society. Each aspect of the art was equally portrayed, leaving no facet behind.
The institute acknowledged that the film has served the purpose of spreading awareness and has kept up interest levels of an artistically inclined, as well as a spiritually inclined audience.

class room project
Pizza Perspective

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