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Mahatma Gandhi
Nai Talim
Learning by doing
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Out of his experience with the English educational system and colonialism in general, Gandhi, along with other educationists, developed an alternative model of education, called Nai Talim. In it, education is intimately linked to real life and the holistic development of both, individual and society.

The means to this is learning from nature, learning through productive work and learning that is rooted in society. Thus, Nai Talim upholds ‘Learning by Doing;’ i.e. keeping work at the centre of education.

The perspectives of the teachers, parents and most importantly its students help form the narrative of the film. Whether or not Nai Talim could be a better alternative to the current educational system that encourages rote learning while producing a huge crop of unconcerned individuals, is something for the viewer to decide.

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‘Holy Cow!’

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