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Retail visual identity
Fuel retailing
Customer experience
Vehicular navigation
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Reimaging a Petrol Station
The key objective was creating an identity for the company’s retail outlets. Roadside retailing is an unexplored area and has a unique set of criteria for design. The retail design in this context can be perceived as highly functional retail, which sets itself apart from other flamboyant retail executions. Major constraints in design posed by vehicular standards and consistency in pan-Indian application, the challenge lies in arriving at a very functional layout with modular, manufacture-friendly identity elements.

The existing format was studied to understand the layout and functioning of the outlets. User interviews gave an insight to design the customer experience in the retail space. The entire format strictly adheres to the essential standards for vehicular navigation in terms of driveways and signage elements. An understanding of the future scenarios in fuel retailing, through research, helped to project a very contemporary identity for the company.

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