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Commercial viability
Material & process
diploma project
Design of furniture using Dupont™ Corian®
The objective was to design and test commercial viability of furniture products made using Dupont™ Corian®. The journey started with knowing and getting acquainted with the material, followed by research. Understanding the value chain helped in mapping the stakeholders and categorising them as primary and secondary. Brainstorming and mind mapping helped in narrowing down the research and grouping them in different clusters according to their importance.

In the context of different applications and process possibilities with Dupont™ Corian® (flat application, thermoformed and CNC milled) ideation sketches & concepts were generated. Prototyping for the selected concept was carried out and the Arko series of furniture was realised. Important aspects such as ease of manufacture, single piece molding, space saving designs and reduction of lead time were taken into consideration. Final designs were evaluated by the stakeholders for commercial viability.

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