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Space creation
Brand image
diploma project
Pop Up Shop Design for Tadpole Store
The project was to design a POP UP STORE for the brand which can be installed in a mall or an airport. It revolves around understanding a product and creating a space for it. The study focuses on brands philosophy and image.

The concept started from understanding the brand value and the user. The user for the brand is also the user for the store. Inferences on the user were derived by intensive questionnaires and interviews. The study also includes research of different contexts and parameters for display.

Final ideation was done after extensive conceptualisation on the form and function of the store, as the brand is very different from other competitors. The modularity feature was constant throughout the conceptualisation stage. The final concept derived was a modular system of panels on which display can be done in different permutations and combinations as per the requirement.

class room project
Folding furniture

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