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Tuhina Goyal
Apparel Design and Merchandising | GDPD
MN A/W–2010
Guide Sonal Chauhan;Shimul Mehta Vyas
> Turkish design
> Luxury clothing
> Silhouettes
> Accessories
My diploma project was about creating a semi-for¬mal range of garments and stoles
for Autumn Winter 2010, to be sold to the international and domestic market under
the sub-brand MN Collection. The collection was inspired by the work of a Turkish
designer, Gonul Paksoy. It includes separates inspired from Paksoy’s collection ‘Timeless
Simplicity’. My work included beautiful colours and silhouettes. The range also included
accessories such as bags, clutch bags, and jewellery. An open ended brief and a chaotic
work pattern led to a wide range of explorations. The calculated risks did go a long way
in being able to do something dramatic, but still usable. Various techniques including
printing, surface ornamentation, and embroidery were used in addition to inexpensive
materials and excess fabrics. The clientele was local as well as international and included
women from the upper strata of society who preferred luxury clothing.

There were times when I had to convince myself that my constraints were my
opportunities. With all the limitations, came the freedom to work as an independent
designer in spite of adhering to a strong brand aesthetic. I learnt that being open to new
ideas and methods of implementation were the only ways to respond to such limitations.
Textile Design
ADM | 14
LAD | 09
TD | 13
Apparel Design and Merchandising
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Communication Design
AFD | 24
ED | 05
FVC | 16
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I.T. Integrated Design
DDE | 09
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SUID | 01
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE | 12
SDM | 13
Industrial Design
CGD | 09
FID | 17
PD | 15
TGD | 08
Tr AD | 08
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