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Achint Jain
Film and Video Communication | PGDPD
Guide S B Saksena
Sponsonr Self Sponsered
> Apocalyptic
> Survival
> Mysterious
> Minimalistic
My diploma film tried to portray the mental state of a few surviving inhabitants in a post-war, apocalyptic setting in a remote village somewhere along the border in the interiors of a desert. The survival of these inhabitants depended on supplies they received from a mysterious army officer who came to the village once every month with limited supplies of food. My film tried to deal with the state of mind of these characters and the interrelationships between them in the background of a situation as grave as the end of the human race. The location of Little Rann of Kutch became the source of my script. The set creation task was uphill. Without getting too ambitious a minimalistic approach was adopted. The shot-breakdown was done in detail during the pre-production. Most of the actors were non-professionals. Individual sequences were first edited independently and then lined up together as per the script. I had a typical retro image quality in mind. This required the final images to be very dark and of high colour contrast. The music for my film was inspired by the work of John Cage.
I learnt from my project that a shorter tighter film would have been better than a long film which lacked detail. In spite of the things which went wrong, many objectives that I had set with regard to the film were achieved.
Communication Design
AFD | 24
ED | 05
FVC | 16
GD | 18
Film and Video Communication
Achint Jain
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I.T. Integrated Design
DDE | 09
IDD | 01
IID | 11
NMD | 10
SUID | 01
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE | 12
SDM | 13
Industrial Design
CGD | 09
FID | 17
PD | 15
TGD | 08
Tr AD | 08
Textile Design
ADM | 14
LAD | 09
TD | 13
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