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Aanchal Wazir
Exhibition Design | GDPD
Home Run to Chow Chow Town: Hospitality Space Design for the Yum Yum Tree
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My diploma project brief was to design a Pan-Asian restaurant spread over 7500 sq. ft area situated in the Community Centre building at the New Friends Colony Market in New Delhi. The objective of the project was to come up with a radical non-Chinese concept for a Chinese restaurant. The Space was divided into 3 distinct subspaces, The Dining Room (2,200 sq ft), The Teppenyake Grill (2,200 sq ft) and The Bar (1,200 sq ft)
The visual language that was adopted was an amalgamation of the oriental tradition of ornamentation and the European tradition of embellishment as seen in baroque and rococo arts. This is used over a formal structure based on classic Zen simplicity. A well structured and cohesive visual language was developed which spreads over the entire contents of the space and penetrates the micro level details. All aspects of design were undertaken, ranging from spatial narratives to Furniture and Lighting Fixtures and even into the domain of Brand identity for the Restaurant. The execution and fabrication of the same were also a part of the exercise. This restaurant was meant for the people of all age groups, belonging to the upper middle class onwards. To me, this project was truly the beginning of implementing design in real life. In retrospection of the cumulative labour that went into the grind - I feel humble and distilled by humility.
Communication Design
AFD | 24
ED | 05
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GD | 18
Exhibition Design
Aanchal Wazir
Manasi Pophale
Mrinalini Aggarwal
Sitangika Srivastava
Vivek Sheth
I.T. Integrated Design
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Interdisciplinary Design
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Industrial Design
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Textile Design
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TD | 13
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