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Abhay Salve
Graphic Design | PGDPD
Corporate Identity Development for Japanese Anime Industry
Guide Dr. Tridha Gajjar
Sponsonr Self Sponsered
> Corporate identity
> Japanese anime
> Visual culture
> Manga
My diploma project was to design an identity to represent the Japanese visual culture keeping in mind the aspects of Japanís national pride, rich tradition and its history as vital factors. Japanese visual culture consists of artists, Japanese manga and anime subculture. It also includes Japanese video gaming industry. The identity had to represent an organization which embodied united group of Japanese anime, manga, film makers, individuals, artists and organizations.
This project articulated the visual culture of anime in Tokyo city. The diploma project mainly took into account the following three factors:
(1) The aspiration to practice graphic design in a non-Indian context
(2) The challenge to articulate graphic design processes in another culture and
(3) The scope of the project that adds value to aid my future career path
My design process went through interesting phases which included research on Japanese anime culture and the animation industry. Analyzing the research and creating design strategy based on research was the most interesting step in the development of the corporate identity. I took several design decisions related to the identity mark which consisted elements such as type, form and color palette. I worked on the visual guidelines, in the form of an identity manual for its precise and consistent implementation. The target groups of this corporate identity were viewers of Japanese anime, games and manga literature across the world. This diploma project experience gave me an in-depth understanding of creating visual systems that help in designing corporate identity.
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Graphic Design
Abhay Salve
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