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Bhaskar Agarwal
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Information Ambiences in Physical Space
Guide V S Ravishankar
Sponsonr Honeywell Technological Solution Lab Pvt. Ltd.
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We perceive the world through our senses. We adapt to surrounding through cause-effect relationship between our five senses and environment and learning from the experiences of others. An individual’s wellbeing depends on his reactions to perceived information. Our brain reacts very positively when things are clear and understandable. But, it gets confused when things are beyond its comprehension. This leads to discomfort and thus stress. The information discomfort varies with different context.
Keeping these aspects in mind I did my diploma project on the Construction Sector in India. The stakeholders in this sector like in many others do not have complete visibility and transparency into day-to-day operations at construction site. Inefficiency, forgeries, constant delay, poor work standards are some of the symptoms.
During the construction activity, the stakeholders are unable to constantly monitor progress. They do not have the time to be always physically present at the construction site. The real time situation awareness of day-to-day operations thus becomes difficult. This often leads to improper accountability and information discomfort. My diploma project focused on the feasibility of dealing with such aspects through the use of wireless sensing technology and identifying new business opportunities for my client Honeywell.
My design solutions may enable the architects, engineers, construction companies, owners and tenants to work together more effectively. Sharing the digital Building Information Model with the entire team fosters greater collaboration and design integration and translates them into a more efficient design and construction process. This will help achieve the goal of “repeatable uniqueness”—a way of standardizing processes even as we recognize every building is different.
I.T. Integrated Design
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Design for Digital Experience
Bhaskar Agarwal
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