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Dhananjay Govekar
Information and Interface Design | PGDPD,
Interaction Design for Microwave oven in Indian Scenario
Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsonr LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.
> Microwave ovens
> Cognitive
> Usability
> Cooking
Microwave ovens have evolved from simple designs and interface having limited functions to the current complex designs and interface having diverse functions and operations. The complexity of interface and associated interactions has significantly increased the cognitive load on its users thus affected the usability, learning ability and efficiency in terms of usage. Besides, in the Indian context microwave is still an appliance being used for basic cooking operations while its multiple functions and features useful for Indian cooking remain unexplored. The aim of my diploma project was to understand the microwave oven in terms of usability factors, user experience and current interactions associated with the interface from Indian user perspective and design more innovative and rich interactions between the user and the microwave oven. My objective was to design a basic, flexible interaction in microwave oven. The interface had to be simple, intuitive and easy to explore for incremental learning. Designing microwave oven that conforms to user needs through different skill levels and thus transforms a novice user to an expert one was the primary concern to be addressed. As user needs are more specific, consumer electronic and digital products will be more usability driven rather than feature driven. “Experience” and “users interaction with the product” would be given primary importance and thus will have to be designed to meet the required needs of the target user.
I.T. Integrated Design
DDE | 09
IDD | 01
IID | 11
NMD | 10
SUID | 01
Information and Interface Design
Dhananjay Govekar
Justin George
Mitushi Jain
Moulinath M
Prachi Nagpal
Pranali Khachane
Sumit Dagar
Suruchika Choudhary
Vaibhav Jain
Vaibhav Sharma
Vijaya Ramanujam
Communication Design
AFD | 24
ED | 05
FVC | 16
GD | 18
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE | 12
SDM | 13
Industrial Design
CGD | 09
FID | 17
PD | 15
TGD | 08
Tr AD | 08
Textile Design
ADM | 14
LAD | 09
TD | 13
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