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Anindya Gupta
Furniture and Interior Design | PGDPD
Scrap Plywood Furniture
Guide L.C. Ujawane
Sponsonr Onine designs (99 Studios)
> Design waste
> Plywood waste
> Interactive space
> Joineries
My project brief was to develop concepts of marketable products or parts of products using plywood waste and left out odd pieces available in the workshop. It involved fabricating prototypes with refined details to make them aesthetically appealing. The context for design was the living room extended to lobby and balcony areas which could also serve as an interactive space for the people of middle and upper middle income groups. The project mainly focused on the commercial aspect of the waste plywood keeping in mind the aspects of mass manufacturing and creation of brand identity for the company.
Details of available resources - the material, scrap plywood, its shapes and sizes and existing market trends were studied to understand the relations between these elements. This helped to form strategic guidelines. Surveys were carried out in order to understand the user, their culture, group formations and their activities in living spaces. A design matrix was developed comprising of the market, manufacturer, consumer and the designer. Special attention was paid to highlight their relationship. Different techniques of using scrap wood and plywood were studied. Ergonomics and joineries were also analysed and finally a set of design guidelines were developed.
The possible approaches were brainstormed and three approaches were identified to give the design a proper direction in terms of modularity, visual language and flexibility. Several forms were explored and some of the selected concepts were prototyped to understand the limitations of the material and that of the manufacturers’. Final concepts ‘Plural’ were prototyped countering the drawbacks of the previous concepts.
I enjoyed the work thoroughly and learnt that one of the primary roles of a designer is also to coordinate between the manufacturer, market and consumer’s expectations to create a marketable product.
Industrial Design
CGD | 09
FID | 17
PD | 15
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Furniture and Interior Design
Anindya Gupta
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Communication Design
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I.T. Integrated Design
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Textile Design
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