Young Designers 2009

Dhananjoy Das
Textile Design | PGDPD
Automotive Textile
A Collection for BMD Library, 2010
Guide Pradyumna Vyas
Sponsonr BMD Pvt. Ltd., Noida
> Automotive textiles
> Car interior
> Indian market
> New fabric design
My project involved developing a range of automotive textiles for car seat covers for the domestic car market of 2010. The project brief was to satisfy the constant change demanded by consumers. Car interiors are a key source of brand identity and differentiation today.

My design process had three phases

The first was information collection. I studied the company’s infrastructure, the history of automotive textile and car interiors, materials, manufacturing processes, post production processes, conducted market research, identified present scenarios and trend mapping and materials with respect to color forecasting, design indications, innovation in yarns and technologies. B and B+ segmentation Hatchback small car was my target.

The second focused on design approaches emphasizing color stories after discussions with clients. I finalized four themes to develop further – Street Style, Home Feel, Neo Classic Beauty and Decorum.

The final phase involved implementation of design solutions, fine-tuning of concept details, final artworks and design specifications. I developed textile samples in various existing and probable future technologies. I explored different techniques, water colors, oil pastel, pencil, sketch pen and some software like Photoshop and Tex-Cad. I selected and studied all the weaves in some bench mark samples and subsequently made surfaces in Ned Graphics. My final collection was twelve unique designs for each of the four themes.

The opportunity to take charge of various facets of design development, sampling, cost considerations, management and fabric/product feasibility has provided me with a complete start-to-finish overview and groomed me for a career as a responsible designer.
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TrAD 8
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Textile Design
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