Young Designers 2009

K. Shenali Sema
Textile Design | GDPD
Khadi : Contemporary Affordable Garments
Guide Aditi Ranjan
Sponsonr Industree, Bangalore
> Social entrepreneurship
> Weavers' empowerment
> Organic Fibres
> Khadi Garments
IndusTree, a social entrepreneurship firm, supports the livelihood of rural artisans through design intervention and market access, producing contemporary using traditional crafts and organic raw material.

My project focused on the launching of a new brand ‘Mother Earth’ which put special emphasis on ‘producer empowerment’. This initiative focused on promoting Khadi was symbolic of India’s freedom struggle promoted by Gandhi and empowering weavers.
I first conducted a market study, a field study of three districts in Karnataka and a study of handlooms which led to design directions.

I then designed a white Khadi line which would offer the “Mother Earth” customers a clean line of contemporary, basic garments. I also worked on an assortment of simple, separate silhouettes that were contemporary in terms of cut and combinations with silk. The objective was to retain the beauty of the fabric and also offer co-ordinates to provide the customer with an option of an entire ensemble. With that in mind, a basic wrap-around skirt and a pyjama in Khadi were added to the collection.

The target audience was a diverse age group (teen, middle age, and elderly). Twelve of my final designs will be retailed through IndusTree stores in Delhi and Bangalore, a standalone store due to open in Bangalore in January 2009 and across the country in about 20 other stores under the brand name ‘Mother Earth’ .

I am delighted that this project gave me a chance to make a unique contribution to the establishment of a brand and its identity as well as entrepreneurial initiatives of the weavers.
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