Young Designers 2009

Shweta Sametriya
Textile Design | GDPD
Textile Surfaces for International Trade Fairs
Guide Swasti Singh Ghai
Sponsonr Bharat Tissues Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
> Textile surfaces
> European market
> International trade fairs
> Computer embroidery
For my project, I designed collections for HEIMTEXTIL – 2009/10, an international textile trade fair held annually in Germany.. In addition, the company also gave me the opportunity to participate in two other international fairs TEXWORLD AND DECOSITE.

I commenced with a study of Europe and the home furnishings market in Europe and then researched global forecasts and trends as they relate to the home furnishings sector as well as various home furnishing brands, export houses and retailers. The two most important trends were towards looking for higher quality and value for money. I conducted an analysis of markets, color trends, texture trends and HEIMTEXTIL. I relied on the trend book of Heimtextil as the primary guide for the latest trends and development in Europe

The clients I designed for were HIMALA, CHRISTY, ROBERT ELLEN, ELIEN FISHER, NYA NORDISKA, TUSSAH, AND ZARA HOME. I also studied various other trade fairs and exhibitions. I then designed five collections based on five different themes: Vain to Mildness; Mildness to Baroque; Origami; Pintucks; and Witchcraft. The product line includes cushion covers, quilts, duvet covers, furnishing fabrics and garment fabrics. I predominantly utilized computer embroidery , a new venture that is fast gaining popularity globally.

My industry experience has been amazing . I have acquired a holistic overview of the process of design from idea to implementation. I have also developed an awareness about international quality design. The customer orders for my developed products have encouraged me further as a designer.
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