Young Designers 2009

Wajahat Hussain
Textile Design | PGDPD
Touch of Sozni
Guide Swasti Singh Ghai
Sponsonr Craft Development Institute, Srinagar
> Kashmir
> Entrepreneurship
> Sozni embroidery
> Tradition and contemporary
I have always loved Kashmir and consequently, decided to focus my project on an element related to Kashmiri identity, the Sozni tradition of embroidery.

My sponsor provides a forum for creative exchange and knowledge creation across design, management and technology by creating new avenues for innovation and entrepreneurship in handicrafts. For my project, I designed a collection of 15 ideas/prototypes during 4 design development workshops sponsored by CDI which were focused on skills development and participatory approaches to learning.

I first undertook a critical analysis of the existing products developed by the Institute , studied prevailing trends and color schemes in international market and also acquired a thorough understanding of the traditional Sozni craft.

I then developed a product range of new designs in one of the workshops which can be showcased to regional trade community as well as at various international and national events. The final products include pouches, cases, note book covers, key chains, book marks, greeting cards etc.

In addition to learning about the craft of Sozni itself, observing the Soznikarsí capacity to assimilate outside influences were a rich experience. I also learned to integrate my own professional design vocabulary and working style with craftspeople who were totally unfamiliar with scale drawings and cross sections.

I am thrilled that I had a chance to peep through the window into a tradition of great value by working closely with the crafts people of Kashmir. The endeavor of merging contemporary manifestations with heritage of aesthetics allowed me to discover a whole treasure trove of traditional wisdom.
Communication Design
ED 5
FVC 13
GD 18
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TrAD 8
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Textile Design
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Wajahat Hussain
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