Young Designers 2009

Arnab Senapati
Textile Design | PGDPD
Fun with Fabrics
Guide Swasti Singh Ghai
Sponsonr Arun Eximp and Mfg. Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata
> Middle Eastern markets
> European markets
> Fulia weaving
> artisans' employment
My project focused on creating a range of surfaces for yardages for the European and Middle Eastern market. The assignment involved developing an understanding of the current brand identity of the label and then take it forward with a big difference. To this end, I was to come up with a range of concepts of new fabrics (a swatch book which would be a kind of TEXTURE LIBRARY) which can be used by the company to make more fabrics in alignment with its identity. I was also responsible for creating a new range of hand woven stoles from Fulia for the European market.

Trend studies indicated that I should focus entirely on nature for my inspiration and color boards. I have attempted to revive a combative confidence and a creative boldness, drawing on fabric and color as generators of energy.

The product line development provided an opportunity to explore, experiment, develop and conceptualize a totally new range with a wide array of techniques with reference to Fulia weaving. The scope of learning was in reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of Fulia as a weaving center, coordination between woven stoles and value added surfaces. I also participated in costing exercises.

Dealing and interacting with the artisans gave me an insight into their life, their plight, and how they struggled with finances. After these interactions, I consciously worked towards creating fabrics that would enhance the livelihood of the artisans. My project has given me the opportunity to study not just the creative aspects of design but also the human and social ones.
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