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diploma project
Compact Medical Emergency Vehicle (CMEV) for Urban India
The project objective was to design a compact ambulance for urban India, where ambulance face problems in traffic, due to their larger footprint. While the project included researching ambulances, the design process focused on problems faced by emergency vehicle. Photographic data collection and interviews with professionals and stakeolders of the EMS service, provided great inputs for the design phase.

With the research process, one simultaneously thought about ideas for the vehicle too. By doing so, the outcome of research and one’s ideas were in sink.The inferences from primary and secondary research were validated before the concept phase and design guidelines were framed for conceptualisation.

The design solution was based on basic bullock cart (from which the ‘chagada’ of Gujarat and ‘jugaad’ of Punjab have been customised) . The final concept was more of a trike (tri-wheeled bike) with less width than an auto rickshaw.

class room project
Redesigning the exterior of Cisitalia 202

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