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diploma project
Visual Brand Language for Mountain Bicycles
The project aims to discover opportunity areas in bicycles to develop VBL (Visual Brand Language). Along with developing a distinct identity, the goal was to design visual guidelines. Three questions were posed: (a) What is the project about? (b) Why is it necessary? (c) How can it be done?

Understanding the need included case studies of successful organizations with powerful VBL; followed by proposals for the main five potential components in bicycles. A visual map with synchronised form variations was created, giving visual boards for each brand. Since this project aimed at three mountain bicycle brands, their visual guidelines were developed. Design cues were extracted, resulting in a visual guide for each brand; which would be followed by the industry, assuring synergy.

Handlebars were selected as a signature component for demonstration. A suite of handlebars for three brands having synergy with expected visual hierarchy were developed.

class room project
Concept ‘MG Ai90’ – a sports car for 2020

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