Arjun Menon GDPD guide Balaji Rengarajan sponsor General Motors (Chevrolet)

Technological evolution
Design refinement
Liquidmetal exoskeleton
diploma project
Future Concept Chevrolet
This project was done as part of a six-month sponsored internship at the client’s design studio. It aimed to conceptualise the Chevrolet of tomorrow by exploring key technological innovations on the horizon that could influence the evolution of the automobile.

The project aimed to study the evolutionary history of automobiles, in general, plus the history of Chevrolet and its iconic models, which span some of the longest continuous nameplates in automotive history. This research and the insights it provided helped develop ideations that provided a precise direction for the project. Next was a design refinement phase where an idea for a future Chevrolet with a Liquidmetal exoskeleton evolved. The new paradigm would allow a brand like car to offer unique propositions as a result of a high degree of flexibility in the design. The refined design was evolved further into a 1:3 scale model, which was the final deliverable.

class room project

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