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Automotive history
Brand evolution
diploma project
Future of Car Identities
The initial idea of the project is to conceptualise unique ways in which future car identities would evolve. Hence, the main research focus is to understand the history of car design, its evolution, influencing factors and finally come up with a set of ideas that uniquely define a car identity in the future.

With the research idea being summarised, three varied processes have been explored to develop various ideas. Each process has been rigorously analysed to identify the pros and cons. The final idea evolved as a culmination of pros from each process and the final form direction has been carried out.

The final deliverable of the project involved developing the major themes for ‘future of car identities’. Based on these, a detailed digital model of the vehicle was developed. Apart from the model, efforts were focused in visualising future scenarios of possible interaction of the vehicle with the environment.

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