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Affluent segment
diploma project
Luxury Boat for Indian Market
My brief was to design water crafts of international quality at Indian prices that address the needs of target users from the perspective of luxury and leisure.

Using waterways as a means to spend a weekend is increasingly gaining popularity with evolving lifestyle trends of affluent globetrotters. Boat building is taken as a craftsmanship skill, but with growing volumes, new features have to be built at affordable costs; capable of being scaled up for production. Technical adoption of such features is crucial too. The specific scope includes building features, styling and utility improvement for a 33-35 foot-long boat platform. Work extension can be adapted for the next platform, 48 foot-long.

Desired methodology includes: studying international brands, market research, offering contemporary features, upgradation of features, new features, exterior and interior styling and expressing the client’s brand personality.

class room project
Public rapid transport pod

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