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Changing needs
Electric car
diploma project
Microcar for Indian Metro Cities for 2018
The initial brief was to design a micro car for Indian cities for the year 2018. This project helps to identify the "most emerging market" in the future. Leading automotive brands are already working on this..

One studied initial transportation trends. It was seen that as a fast growing urban population, the needs are changing gradually. Due to rapid urbanisation, living space will reduce. People will face problems with less parking space and more vehicles on the streets. Prices of fuel are rising. As consumption and pollution increase, there may be scarcity of non-renewable fuels; hence, the only alternative left may be electric-powered vehicles.

The concept of introducing the microcar hinges on easy maneuverability in traffic and reduction of carbon footprint. Initially, the motive was to design one three metres in length ( creating a new sub-A segment) for hassle-free driving.

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