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Areas of improvement
diploma project
Enamor- Intimatewear collection
The objective of the diploma project was to understand and find out the key areas of improvement in non-coordinated panties for women which the client retails through different outlets like National Chain Stores (NCS), Executive Brand Outlets (EBO) and Multi-Brand Outlets (MBO).

The initial stage involved research on the intimate apparel market, consumers, domestic trends, brand comparison (size and fittings) and fashion forecast. Later it was analysed and different fittings were improvised and looks created on the basis of directions identified; and refined further with the inputs from the project guide and mentor. The looks were made into prototypes at the final stage of the project.

For non-coordinated panties, the intention was to develop a collection which is in accordance with current trends, markets, consumers and forecasts with desired fits. The project had four collections; viz. Indivibe, Aadhira, Comicon and Cute Li'l Things, with six to twelve styles each.

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