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Beachwear Collection for Blank London & Conditions Apply
BL^NK LONDON & CONDITIONS APPLY, headed by Ms. Diana IraniGressier, has design operations based in India as Zensol Fashion Pvt Ltd. The prime objective for the client, was to enrich their brand offering and strengthen their product mix. The end result was to design a range of beachwear collections, including swimsuits and complementing cover-ups.

The first meeting, regarding collection brief, with the client was on creating a beachwear collection for the brands, which could be offered to customers. The methodology therefore undertaken was combining consumer research, market trends and brands language into product look, style and aesthetics.

Though there were challenges to face, the collection was successfully executed. Though this particular segment of clothing is still in infancy stage in India, the global market provides tremendous scope for development and research. Thus the project is a step towards achieving something exciting and new.

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