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Women’s wear
Mass customisation
Brand launch
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diploma project
CREYATE - Made for You. By You
The project was to design a range of women’s wear for the brand launch. The aim was to achieve individual customer satisfaction, providing the inspiration through collection, perfect fit and giving the freedom to create one’s own shirts.

The initial stage in design methodology was research on mass customisation, international and domestic markets, understanding the consumer, domestic trends and fashion forecast. Later, different looks were created and further refined by inputs given. The looks were made into prototypes at the final stage.

'Creyate - Made By You' is the name of the project, as it gives freedom to design a garment as per customer specifications. The intention was to give a more feminine and elegant touch to formal wear and a more trendy, experimental look to casual wear. The project had three collections - Subdued Elegance, Pattern Play and Rare Indigo, with ten styles each.

class room project
KVIC: Khadi Industries and Village Commission

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