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High-end market
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Triburg/// Casual Womens Wear | SPRING SUMMER 2015
The project was to design the Spring15 collection for the US, Canadian and European markets. As the client has various customers, it showcases their collection, each year, to all buyers.

Familiarsing oneself with the company profile was followed by market analysis, and later by brainstorming and range innovation. While the products aimed to cater to high-end markets, the prices had to be kept as reasonable as possible. Several processes had to be understood in their entirety. The project involved taking charge of various phases of design and development, sampling, cost consideration, management, fabric/trims availability and finally product viability. This helped understand how brands functioned and what were their market requirements in term of design and other nuances.

The overall experience developed an interest to work for retail brands in designing for the masses. The team work also helped develop skills in people management, communication of ideas and technical documentation.

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