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Vintage garments
Syahi Begar
Ajrakh printing
Clamp resist dyeing
diploma project
Impressions of the Past
The project aimed at studying vintage garments which were the inspiration for designing the collection, using the following techniques:

Syahi Begar, a traditional block printing technique done by the Chippa community of Sanganer, achieved by sun-bleaching. (Syahi means black and begar means red). The first collection made was inspired from an Afghanistan wedding robe, worn by nomadic females.

Ajrakh is a traditional block printing and resist dyeing technique, using indigo, madder and printed mordants, done in very few places (Sindh, Pakistan and Kutch, Gujarat). The second collection was inspired from “abha or abo,” an old traditional wedding garment for Kutch women.

Resist clamp dyeing technique is a very old technique. Traces of blocks are found in Gujarat and can be traced to China and Japan. The third collection is inspired from Chinese women’s semi formal summers coat from the Qing dynasty, known as “ao”.

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