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Himanshu Suthar
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Technology Integrated Seating
Guide V S Ravishankar
Sponsonr Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
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My diploma project was about technology integrated seating system. Following the trend, people feel inclined to use different gadgets for their work and leisure. They like to have digital technology integration in the products of their everyday use. Godrej is also in the process of changing its product range. Earlier their product range was primarily meant for the middle aged customers. But now it wants to target the youth and add value to the product that is also cost effective at the same time. Their focus now is on Techno-Age Designs. The target audience for their new product range is the upper middle class youth.
Keeping in view todayís lifestyle it is very natural for an Indian middle class youth to possess gadgets like laptop chargers, speakers, mobile phone etc. Space is a major constraint particularly in metro cities where the youth work and usually have a small living space. It is in this context that my diploma project proposed a seating system integrated with digital technologies. For the proposed seating it was felt that there should be scope for personal /shared space. The seating had an option of blue tooth enability and it was conceived as a single piece which would satisfy the user needs of music, light, charging points and to overcome the space constraint. The design took into consideration the companyís requirements for manufacturing and transportation.
In future the integrated seating may become light weight. It can also have flat pack so that one can carry it conveniently. One can also look at the possibilities of the usersí being able to configure it as per the prevalent digital technologies.
I.T. Integrated Design
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Design for Digital Experience
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