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Jai Shankar Singh Beban
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Online Service Design for Indian Movies
Guide V S Ravishankar
Sponsonr Internet Entertainment India Pvt Ltd.
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Consumers have a much higher propensity to pay for content professionally produced such as music, movies, games, but are reluctant to pay for online content that has been generated by fellow consumers, such as blogs, etc. Keeping in mind the consumer behaviour the content providers need to offer multiple options to entice the selective consumers. Moovie Shoovie is a startup company which offers web service to Indian audiences worldwide and aims at bringing the best of Indian cinema to them. While on the one hand it serves the sophisticated, affluent Non-Resident Indian (NRI) audiences and on the other it serves talented film makers as well as owners and distributors of quality films and serials.
My diploma project dealt with the issue of value in the context of web world for the global Indians. While there are numerous studies and publications on how to create value for western customers, but many of these studies may not apply to Indian customers. The Indian customer, regardless of where he lives, seems to expect more value and needs more incentive to make a purchase. The project provided an opportunity to understand the Indian user in a better way in the context of the consumption of movies.
I explored what value meant in the context of the company Moovie Shoovie, arrived at several hypotheses and designed prototypes that addressed the issue of value. On testing the prototypes many hypotheses about the probable user of Moovie shoovie turned out to be wrong and it also showed that a consumer of Indian origin residing outside India had different needs and priorities which were addressed through my diploma project.
I.T. Integrated Design
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NMD | 10
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Design for Digital Experience
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Jai Shankar Singh Beban
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Interdisciplinary Design
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