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Easily transported
diploma project
Modular Display System in Bamboo
The project brief was to design and develop a modular/ foldable system to display and store a range of organic products for an initiative to promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle by spreading awareness of the viability of traditional organic and biodynamic farming practices that bring back the lost sweetness of nature.

The system should be easily transported and ideally made, using bamboo or a similar eco-friendly organic material. The purpose is also to give the brand a unique identity while reflecting organic ethics.

The design process involved research, ideation, conceptualisation and detailing to achieve the best possible solution. The deliverables included technical drawings, 3-D renders and a full scale prototype. The design was developed, hand in hand, with the craftsperson to explore and exploit the properties of bamboo in the best way possible.

class room project
Engage, Inform, Enter’train’

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