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Museum design
Life story
Experiential audio tour
diploma project
The Brief was to design a museum on the late Dajikala Gadgil. It would reflect the story of a boy and his life journey of 99 years. A showroom near Pune with a space of approx. 3000 sq. ft. was selected as the site.

The concept of ‘Story of Gold’ was taken up so that people could relate to it. The lines concept was incorporated to make the space and panels look more organized, crispier and cleaner. The idea of using two distinguished colors was to show the two major timelines for Dajikaka and a prequel and sequel timeline.

The Pure form was like an emotive place, where the mood was personal and emotional. The idea was to have a space where people could come and sit around the statue and feel Dajikaka at a personal level The museum is also an experiential audio guided tour.

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