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Walking & mobility
diploma project
Mobility : A venture into the betterment of pedestrian experience.
The objective of the project was to provide the citizens of Gangtok, particularly pedestrians, an enhanced experience while walking.

A lengthy and rigorous process was used in primary and secondary research to come to a conclusion wherein a suitable direction could be attained via which, design solutions could be made. Research started with heavy emphasis on document reading, as well as discovering and understanding Gangtok as a whole, while including its different contexts. Through the insights gained and conversations with citizens, a simple, universal approach was used.

The final solution was a system of four components, Shelter, Sitting, Play and Line that came together to make the experience of walking comfortable and pleasing. Suitable amount of consideration was also given to the physically impaired. The project, as a whole, promotes walking, not only as being functional, but also enjoyable and creating a healthier, happier environment.

class room project

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