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Retail design
Brand name
Store space
Outdoor adventure
diploma project
The design of a retail store
The client wanted to strengthen their outdoor and adventure image in their retail space. The key idea was to be able to put the ‘wild’ back into their brand name. One sought to revitalise their stores, by strengthening the image of “wildness/ rugged rawness,” and showcase a strong experience of being outdoors. The project involved thinking not only of one space, but as a design language, which could be adaptable to a variety of space formats. One chose to go with the idea of camping, as well as designing a system that would easily be adaptable to a variety of formats and explore strategy as well. Also, designing for the client gave me the opportunity to explore something possibly experiential, which was the basis of exhibition design

class room project
A view to safety: responding to hazards in the Himalayas

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