Young Designers 2009

Armeen Kapadia
Graphic Design | PGDPD
Golden Jubilee Commemorative Postage Stamp for NID
Guide Shilpa Das
Sponsonr Research & Publications Division, NID, Ahmedabad
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> Stamp design
> Visual information
As an avid stamp collector and a passionate graphic designer, I had no doubt that I wanted to blend both to create a stamp for my project. I received encouragement from NID to design a commemorative stamp to celebrate its golden jubilee in 2010-2011.

My project also included creating content for a book on the visual language of postage stamps, their significance, and the process of creating the NID stamp. The content provides a context for the stamp and the project. It includes a study of images and meaning making of images. The book is intended to serve as a resource. Though stamps are small pieces of visual information, a lot goes into their creation and their effect has rarely been documented in any way. As I went deep into the project, many aspects of design, image creation, illustration and semiotics, NID etc. came to light. All these simultaneously affect one another.

Brainstorming led to seventeen creative concepts. Of these, my final recommendations include six of these concepts for their depiction of NID. My two personal favorites are 1. Transformation which reflects the transformation of NID across fifty years, by showing the date 1961 morphing into 2011. and 2. Rhombus, which is a representation of the iconic building , architecture and heritage of NID.

Stamps have always been travelling ambassadors of their countries that transcend cultures, boundaries of nation, time and space. I consider it a privilege to have worked on a stamp that represents both the youth of NID as well as India to the rest of the world.
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