Young Designers 2009

Anisha Thampy
Graphic Design | PGDPD
Children's Book Illustration and Design
Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsonr Tulika Publishers, Chennai
> Children's literature
> Illustration
> Graphic design
> Publishing industry
I aspired to work in the area of children’s books owing to my keen interest in understanding humans in their raw form. In my opinion, childhood is the purest form of human expression.

While at Tulika, I worked on several different projects. Each of them in some way or other became a learning step for my main project ‘Word Book’.
The gamut of work I did encompasses packaging design for ‘Thump Thump’ Book series, catalogue design for London Book Fair 2009, Inside illustrations for the book ‘Runaway Auto’, Exploration of a picture book, 2 book covers for books titled ‘Picture Gandhi’ and ‘Rini’s Story’, logo design for Word book series and concepts, illustrations and design for Word Book.

This project has enriched me by providing me a holistic overview of each aspect of the publishing industry as well as children’s literature. Working in industry trained me to work in certain constraints such as deadlines and budgets. My sketching skills were honed considerably and I acquired an introduction to different styles of sketching. Through literary research, I figured out a research method that best suited the intended purpose of the book. As a graphic designer, working on this project gave me a new insight into the publishing industry, its different areas and how all factors work in concert to produce books.

I have grown in confidence owing to the versatility of assignments. I am happy to have been able to participate in children’s book design. A children’s book can communicate to anyone because it is simple yet universal.
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