Young Designers 2009

Satyanarayan Rajpurohit
Graphic Design | GDPD
Typefaces for India
Bengali and Tamil companion typefaces for Interface Latin
Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsonr Dalton Maag Ltd., London
> Tamil script
> Bengali script
> Typeface design
> Indic typeface
My sponsor, Dalton Maag’s main activity comprises of Latin font design. However, as a business opportunity they have recognized the need for creation of good fonts for Indic scripts. My project focused on designing and developing two fully functioning Indic companion typefaces for Dalton Maag’s very personal typeface called InterFace :Bengali and Tamil. These Bengali and Tamil typefaces were to match the look and feel of their InterFace family and also resemble in the texture when set next to the Latin. Both these typefaces were to follow interna¬tional Unicode encoding standards set by the Unicode Consortium to ensure global acceptance.

While designing typefaces was not new to me, this experience broadened my horizons since I was working on scripts I wasn’t aware of earlier. I started this project from scratch with some initial research, sample gathering, analysis, verbal discussions and help sessions with native speakers and self practice.

During my design process I looked at historic and calligraphic forms and investigated how they can be integrated into contemporary type setting methods. For this, I closely worked with design and production teams to explore current font technologies. In addition, I worked on a secondary project related to Latin font design which added on to my learning. Working on many scripts at the same time helped me realize how one can relate one script to the other. Working at Dalton Maag was a special experience owing to its core team of skilled, talented professionals who held a diversity of views which enriched my own design thinking and approach.
Communication Design
ED 5
FVC 13
Graphic Design 18
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Satyanarayan Rajpurohit
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Textile Design
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