Young Designers 2009

Prassun Saha
Strategic Design Management | PGDPD
NIRDOSH - Business Process Design
Guide Vinai Kumar
Sponsonr Maans Products (India), Ahmedabad
> Ayurvedic cigarettes
> Business process design
> Indigenous knowledge
> Strategic design management
For my project, I worked with NIRDOSH, a maker of Ayurvedic cigarettes. This tied into my deep interest of indigenous traditional knowledge based products. Traditional business setups cannot compete with modern corporates when it comes to production, budgets, technology, R & D, and advertising. Design thinking can play a major role in helping traditional setups become competitive. In my case, the client had a product with huge potential, vast market possibilities and social benefits all of them constrained from reaching the market as they did not know how to leverage their advantages.

My research process consisted of internal studies, user surveys and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the system. Based on my synthesis of research findings, I then proposed a restructured system, interventions in process and blueprints for the productions of machines. The proposed designs are only hypothesized, adhering to my limitations in time and budget, with the exception of one machine which I developed fully.

I also assisted in product development [form, taste, product diversification]; Brand building [Identity and packaging, methods of promotion, and services] as well as financial interventions [Costing and modes of tax exemption].

My major learning from this project is that no solution is ever complete. Any solution is constantly evolving. Also, as a strategic design manager, one cannot claim knowledge of the design of machines and graphic design as an area of expertise. Yet, the success of the outcome is largely dependent on the ability of the SDM professional to be versatile in these areas.
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