Young Designers 2009

Samarth Mungali
Strategic Design Management | PGDPD
The First Steps
Guide Shashank Mehta
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> Entrepreneurship
> Branding
> Service design
> User-centric design research
My project titled “The First Steps” is the commencement of my entrepreneurial journey which excited me. My batch mate Bhavna Bahri had similar ambitions and therefore we decided to explore the road less travelled together.

Clearly we wanted to base our entrepreneurial venture on the backbone of ‘design’. We required market insights on the notion and scope of design. We also wanted to assimilate knowledge in building and running businesses. We engaged in in-depth discussions with industry experts from various domains like IT, manufacturing, retail, venture finance, rural banking, media and education. We learnt about their business models and used their insights to build our own.

We wanted to use design to harness creative and forward looking design philosophy to generate business revenues. In this venture, I took up branding, my area of expertise.
I outlined the frame for a holistic branding firm where design would not just be used in creating a few decorative elements like the logo, stationery, website, brochures and promotions but would be used as an integral part of brand strategy, brand creation and brand management. Service design (Bhavna’s expertise) and branding both being creative processes and following design principles were brought under one roof resulting in our business model, ‘No Formulae’.

‘No Formulae’ is a service design and branding company that helps business innovate thorough design. Using the tools of design and design thinking, we look beyond products and develop services and experiences to bring happiness to everyone.

'No Formulae' uses user-centric design research to create brands and build better services.
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