Young Designers 2009

Ketakee Patankar
Strategic Design Management | PGDPD
Creating The Design Web
Guide Krishnesh Mehta
Sponsonr Mithi Software Technologies, Pune
> Consumer touch points
> Design management
> User-centric research
> Design culture
My project was an enriching learning experience as I, a trained graphic designer, was introduced to the world of Information Technology for the first time.

My brief specified that I was to ‘map consumer perceptions’ and ‘Redesign all the consumer touch points' with the objective of improving the efficiency, perception and differentiation. This meant the redesign of the touch points like website, product, packaging, sales mechanism, services interfaces, in short, nearly everything. Also, the organization was keen on starting a design department and adapting design in their processes with aim of establishing a design culture.

I commenced with in-depth research in terms of understanding the organization, consumer research, Internal perceptions which related perceptions within the organization of all stakeholders. In addition, I analyzed each and every touch point such as the product, the product interfaces and the website.

Subsequent steps involved redesigning the touch points and prototyping new concepts and introducing design concepts to higher management, and introducing design to employees through a 'design workshop'. It also involved starting the design department and outlining its role.

I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to take up varied tasks and responsibilities in my project at Mithi. It is a very rare case that a company gives one total freedom to experiment. Conducting the ‘design workshop’ session was immensely challenging as I had to make people understand a relatively alien term and how it can help them improve their products, processes and systems. It also improved my own understanding about design.
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