Young Designers 2009

Richa Sharma
Design for Retail Experience | PGDPD
Corporate Display Gallery of VARROC
Guide C S Susanth;Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Sponsonr Elephant Design Pvt. Ltd., Pune
> Corporate display
> Automotive industry
> Brand building
> Galleries and spaces
For my project, I developed a corporate display gallery (3230 sq. ft) for an upcoming campus of VARROC – a global auto component industry in Aurangabad. The VARROC group manufactures and markets a highly diversified portfolio of automotive components to an esteemed automotive clientele.

The objective of my project was to create an environment that will make the products in the gallery a part of an overall composition, not separated from the design. The brief specified that design should speak of today’s art and should reflect concurrent values of the company which are sincerity, humility, integrity, passion and self-discipline.

I conducted a study on the company profile as well their products to understand them better. This included a site study and factory surveys. Simultaneously, I conducted research to understand how big brands portray their brand image and values. Here, I studied both Indian brands, galleries and spaces and incorporated a global outlook through internet research of famous car museums like the Mercedes Benz Museum, Trumpf Museum, Audi Showroom.

I then prepared three themes which included mood boards and color boards of all the different elements under each theme. These themes (‘Celebration’, ‘Performance’ and ‘Factory Look’) were carefully visualized. After finalizing all the themes, we met the client and finalized one theme- ‘Celebration’. The project is still conceptual. My experience has taught me a lot about the automotive industry and brand building. Since I had the sole responsibility of managing this project from start to finish it has honed my decision making skills and instilled a sense of confidence in me.
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