Young Designers 2009

Shravya Uchil
Design for Retail Experience | PGDPD
Future of Cinema Retailing
Guide Dr. S. Ghosal
Sponsonr Ford Foundation - NID Diploma Scholarship
> Cinema retailing
> mobile applications
> Media and entertainment industry
> Retail design
My project proposes to make the trip to a cinema theatre a more pleasant experience by easing the process involved through the use of the technological development that is taking place in the cinema industry.

My research identified the following central issues. First, that the ticket booking was one of the most important yet also the most tedious one in the cinema going experience. Also, there was a large population who wanted to watch a movie but who do not want to use high end technologies for a movie ticket. These individuals often try to book their ticket through online or mobile but if it does not work, they give up soon. I also identified that another area is that of impulse buyers. These could be lured through promotional offers. Finally, another area that required attention was the waiting time before the customer can enter the theatre and watch a movie.

On the basis of research, I conceptualized solutions to enhance the customer experience. The solutions were delivered through three different platforms. The first was a digital signage system which would integrate together to work as a unified system. The second was a visual merchandising unit combined with digital signage that could visually engage the customer. The third was an easy mobile booking solution. The advantages of this system included anywhere, anytime mobile booking, impulse purchase, no credit card transfer and eco-friendly digital ticketing.

This project has been about understanding the relationship between the various segments of the media and entertainment industry and how they work with each other.
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