Young Designers 2009

Vandana J.J.
Design for Retail Experience | PGDPD
Display System for Mobile Store
Guide C S Susanth
Sponsonr Featherlite Office System Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
> Visual merchandising
> Brand building
> Cuboid display system
> Mobile store
Today, retailers are looking to expand their customer base and reach out to new shoppers without losing their traditional and loyal customers. That means tying in some of the old and familiar visual cues with the new ones. I worked with Featherlite industries to design a display system for their mobile store with considerations of modularity and mass production.

My concept for a mobile display system ‘Magnetica’ took off from a graph sheet. If one takes a graph sheet and start placing squares and rectangles to form different formations, there are n number of possibilities. My thought was that it would be extremely interesting if there were a display that allowed the same type of flexibility to change every so often.
‘Magnetica’ is a cuboid with a magnet fixed from behind. This cuboid can customize to any material like mild steel, acrylic (transparent, translucent, opaque), wood, cardboard, stainless steel etc. It also has various color options. It provides various options of arranging and creating new geometrical patterns every often giving a new visual dimension. All that it needs is a surface that attracts a rare earth magnet. It is cost effective, easy to fix up and very flexible. It can be placed against the wall or on the display panel. Therefore, lots more can be done with the remaining space to give a better experience to the user with additional services. New arrivals or focal points can be created using lit up magneticas.

This project draws together a wide range of my experiences which shaped the evolving story of journey.
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