Young Designers 2009

Tanmay Jyot
Design for Retail Experience | PGDPD
Design Center for Ishanya Specialty mall
Guide Shashank Mehta
Sponsonr Ishanya Specialty Mall, Pune
> Ishanya Specialty Mall
> Design center
> Retail design
> Space ergonomics
For my project, I designed and developed ‘Design Center’ at Ishanya specialty mall. The objective of instituting this design center was to provide a platform for interior design consultants and architects to interact with their clients.

The targeted customers included a range of people from people who were small home owners wanting their interiors done, to developing interiors of large commercial projects. The intent was to create an ambience that would enhance the retail experience by reducing and simplifying cumbersome processes of clients of having to go through hundreds of stores to search for a product.

My design process commenced with research on the client and geography of Pune. Next I interviewed individuals from each stakeholder group. I also conducted a formal study of space ergonomics.

The design center final model included a reception and waiting area, a work area, a knowledge-management center to provide the buyer with easy access to all the information from one point, a visualization room and a mock-up room. I also created an outline of a process of digital catalogue. It showed the process of linking the system with the visualization room and was designed taking the end user into confidence in the design process.

My role involved producing a conceptual model that evoked the look and feel of the design center. The client will commence execution when the mall will be 80% active.
My project has fostered a keen awareness of my strengths and weaknesses and provided me with directions towards improvement. It has also been instrumental in enhancing my design approach.
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