Young Designers 2009

Chhavi Oswal
Design for Retail Experience | PGDPD
Retail Space Design for OWW!
Guide C S Susanth
Sponsonr Xsis Promotions (India) Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
> Retail design
> Brand building
> Visual Merchandising
> Multi-format design
My industry experience allowed me to handle a multiplicity of exciting responsibilities.
My major project centered on developing the entire concept of the OWW! Store, a new retail brand. OWW! stands for ‘One Wit Wonders’. Every single product in the store has an innovative tweak and a unique aspect. The products are developed by designers from around the world with one core concept –Wit!
My research process involved studying distinguishing aspects of the products to develop the brand positioning and USP. I also conducted in-depth market research of competing brands and various alternative options in prevailing retail systems to select the best format for OWW! I then identified global designers and vendors of target products aligning with the brand positioning.
I was independently responsible for designing the space, designing alluring visual display systems as well as the creation of an attractive ambience to enhance the overall customer experience. My design concept is also adaptable to various retail formats like own stores, franchises, shop-in-shop, kiosks and online retailing. I also handled branding activities in terms of colors, promotional graphics and signage.
My second project included space design, merchandize planning and visual display at “Sports Stadium”, a sports equipment store stocking multi-branded sports equipment. Other smaller projects included design of the Xsis website, Levis signature posters and promotional graphics for other brands.
My industry experience honed my skills as a retail designer. I developed responsiveness to intuition, aesthetics and practicality as well as the ability to simultaneously leverage a diversity of resources to produce tangible business results.
Communication Design
ED 5
FVC 13
GD 18
Industrial Design
FID 11
PD 15
TrAD 8
Interdisciplinary Design
Design for Retail Experience 14
Chandni Garg
Chhavi Oswal
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SDM 17
I.T. Integrated Design
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Textile Design
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TD 37
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