Young Designers 2009

Vishwaksen Shekhawat
Product Design | GDPD
Refrigerator for Urban India
Guide Shashank Mehta
Sponsonr L G Electronics India Pvt.Ltd, Noida
> Refrigerator
> Food preservation
> Urban India
> Technology
My sponsor provided three concepts – Health, Happiness and Prosperity. The concepts were derived from trends and patterns in the lifestyle and product usage scenarios.

On the basis of these, I was to design a product for the specific needs of the Urban Indian consumer. I focused on refrigerators - a product that addresses a basic human need: food preservation. My research process involved zooming in from macro perspective to micro focus, brainstorming on the basis of social and cultural trends and conducting market and user surveys to judge usage and perception of the product.

I designed two concepts which were taken further for immediate refinement– centrally split and horizontal levels (scissor shelves) which provided multilayered shelving for organization, better storage conditions and quick access. Both scored high on novelty.
The design focus is on urban nuclear families with both the elder members working, belonging to the upper middle income group with high rates of consumption and strong purchasing power.

The crux of the design lies in effectively merging the refrigerator into the system of the kitchen, house and lifestyle of the user. It does that by providing quick, effortless, ergonomic access to the contents of the refrigerator. The depth and design of shelves and the direction of access is customized to the contents and their consumption. One need not bend or do stressful maneuvers owing to its independently moving, detachable sheets. It reduces the time required in the movement, processing and consumption in the kitchen. In this way, design gives the impact of the refrigerator long lasting relevance.
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Vishwaksen Shekhawat
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